“A blend of empathy, intellect, and sharp curiosity, von Weise’s unflappable voice has the soothing effect of an NPR host—an antidote to the sometimes-grating and intimidating world of fashion.”

Stylist and personal shopper Lisa von Weise helps clients create the ultimate bespoke item—themselves.

Just as a life coach, through a process of elimination, helps you make your inner existence all the more unique, a dedicated stylist gives your outer self its own snowflake appeal. “Holistic personal stylist” Lisa von Weise knows this all too well. Her mission is to drown out the sartorial noise and provide her clients with a bespoke process that helps them discover what their own signature style truly is. Also: She finds good stuff.

After a quarter decade honing her styling skills as a senior contributing fashion editor at major women’s magazines like Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, and styling for A-list celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Zoe Saldana and Penelope Cruz (Bruce Springsteen was her first client), von Weise is intent on putting the “personal” back into “personal styling.”  

This stylist will change your wardrobe—and the way you think about fashion.

— Andrew Bevan

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“The life of the individual has meaning only in so far as it aids in

making the life of every living thing nobler and more beautiful.

– Albert Einstein




It’s essential to liberate your full, natural expression to reach your radiant potential. You can instantly tell when someone is in touch with their true voice and essential nature. When they enter the room, there is an electricity in the air. You feel touched, moved and inspired by them 

You might want to befriend them or partner with them or enroll in their next workshop. The sense of groundedness, confidence and clarity they exude encourages trust and a desire for connection. This happens because their outward appearance is literally an expression of their soul, a ready instrument for authenticity, powerfully magnetic and attractive. People call love blind, but love in reality is the light of the sight. The eye can only see the surface; love can see much deeper.



CREATIVE CLOSET EDIT — an exciting, playful & transformational experience to edit, invigorate, organize and pre style your closet

+ closet inventory with a seasoned pro — #woke editing, organization, styling—what to sell, and what to keep to break up old narratives. Live a cleaner, clearer, more successful, and original version of life with an uncomplicated closet

+ integration of new purchases and direction for a seamless transition to your next-level self

+ conscious styling and wellness techniques for mind-body connection to radiance as we discuss pain points and fit analysis for the best possible decisions going forward and a successful template to follow

+ photography of fully styled and accessorized looks printable for easy reference + visual research and contextualization to follow up our session

Rate:  $325/hour or negotiable flat rate per project complimentary initial consultation and inspirational follow up included


ONLINE SHOPPING CURATION — inspired, in-depth professional grade research crafted for convenience and inspiration to hone your personal style

+ discover emerging designers for a high-low mix with modern ease, style, grace, and economy using insider methods, carefully selected to highlight your strengths for eye-opening experimentation, innovative thinking, and luxurious support your can trust on every level

+ easy to follow links for purchase, or simply to study for consideration for upcoming events or life changes with budgetary respect that includes all price points for comparison and deep learning to empower your decision making and authenticity

Rate: $325/hour or negotiable flat rate per project complimentary initial consultation for fact gathering and inspirational follow up included


NYC SHOPPING TOUR enriching, informative, expansive, glamorous—This experience will induce wholehearted enthusiasm for life and all it has to offer

+ head to toe styling while in store for a clear, complete, inspired and intentional vision and VIP treatment at boutiques, multi-brand stores and select private, designer showrooms—I handle the sales team for excellent, flawless service

+ efficiency — I do the heavy lifting and strategizing for a well planned itinerary tailored for flow, ease, thrill; you arrive with a clear head for a quick try with zero pressure to buy + option for unique service where I fill a private room, styled with your sizes and preferences waiting for you to try on — if you decide to buy (or not) all is sent directly for delivery

+ thorough research and communication through every step to ensure clarity and creativity + instruction on focused, elevated purchases that open your heart and mind

Rates:  $325/hour or negotiable flat rate per project initial consultation, printable photography for easy reference, and inspirational follow up all included


SEASONAL CLOSET REVIEW — ongoing dedication to all your wardrobe needs and personal style evolution

Staying young and vibrant throughout life -- mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually -- requires maintenance to be unique, and never give up. This means honoring your body; the ideas in your mind, and the freedom to relate in a heart to heart way with everyone. When conscious of this, you grow wiser and remain vital, and life’s stresses dissolve in a healthy awareness.

Rate:  A simple monthly fee gets you ongoing guidance for your day-to-day wardrobe needs with volume pricing. It’s like getting a subscription to your own fashion insider for on-demand service including all of the above services


GROUP SEMINAR coaching on Multi-Dimensional Luxury be efficient, feel confident, and live authentically in Your unique expression Expanding your most excellent version of self

Living an enchanted life is not about getting what you want, but it is about being the most connected to your gifts and the delivery of them. In that frame, we do not need to wait to become enchanted with ourselves and our lives as they are. We simply need to turn towards the ways we can unwrap our gifts and let them fly.  I guide busy, ambitious professionals struggling with time and clarity around their wardrobe to connect with their essence identity. With 30 years of experience at the top end of the market in magazine editorial, celebrity styling and advertising creative, I understand the formula of leaders which I will gladly share. But instead of always looking to consume, I want to make more of what we already have and help the planet, too with a message of dignity and refined inclusion. I teach styling techniques that give a powerful wardrobe boost with a sense of purpose and belonging. Fashion is serious! How you dress is not just a fashion statement, it is also a political statement, and at it's best, it reinforces who you truly are while liberating and celebrating your body, mind and spirit. My modern approach includes a deep dive guided journey to honor your priorities with transformational keys to amplified confidence, increased energy, and enlarged possibilities.

Rate: negotiable flat fee based on group size, perfect for a personal development retreat pro bono available on a case by case basis



This entire process is vitally important, allowing me to remember to only choose things I LOVE. I feel the outdated stories attached to what I am letting go of leave me. Grateful for each, I am allowing the emotions to come up, and then disappear. Overall, a very cathartic experience and so freeing!
— G.L., NYC
How lucky am I to have this incredibly talented woman curate my closet?! Lisa is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does you end up feeling as if you’ve been to fashion school and the ashram at the same time. My closet underwent a deep cleanse, in which she gently nudged me to kill some of my darlings, making space for a new phase of life. Thank you Lisa for guiding me to do this, you are magical!
— E.N.F., NJ
Lisa is patient and perceptive; she leads by graceful example and lucid explanation. Working with Lisa, I found myself becoming ever-more attuned to details—she is conceptually and visually focused. She taught me the values of clear and open communication, impeccable organization, and the necessity of working with a well-defined goal in mind. Lisa navigates relationships with clients and co-collaborators with a warm yet professional poise. A supportive mentor and thoughtful leader, Lisa encourages powerful personal growth.
— E.B., NYC
I LOVE the soul and depth that you have very rightly given your work.   You have just the right balance of style and spiritual.
— R.R., Charlotte, NC.
Lisa von Weise’s name was brought up to me; she is a stylist at Vogue. We met and I just liked her vibe! She got me right away, and I TRUST her. We’ve been working together for nine years. I’ve discovered clothing and brands previously outside my comfort zone and she’s definitely made me look—and feel—much better.
— P.D.M, NYC
I love what I wore to Vanity Fair’s Oscar party, and felt like a star....thanks to you!
— P.D., NYC
I’m very impressed with Lisa’s advisory talent. We have seen a lot of stylists in action with and without their clients and you are the best I have experienced. Brava.
— C.C., NYC
It’s really fun and eye opening working with you. And, you’re very patient and kind, to boot!
— C.M., NYC


  • How will you help me develop my personal style?

    I will present you with well-researched options that resonate with your energy and natural expression. We will combine the best elements of fashion and style with an independent spirit to define your aesthetic. We can never have enough focus on what is gorgeous in each of us; I will highlight your unique beauty and guide you to recognize your divine spark.

  • I care about sustainability. How can I best work with what I have?

    Tailoring your well-made acquisitions is a favorite tactic to reinvent what you already own, which is less expensive and more sustainable than buying new. Targeting missing links with vintage, resale and upcycled finds will make your investment pieces sing and is the apex of sustainable fashion now. Also, buy less overall by thinking more deeply about it, so you will love it longer.

  • Do you have a set formula?  

    Each and everyone woman is a unique entity unto herself. There is no set formula out of respect for different body types, personalities, needs, goals and desires.  Every element is honored to spark joy! My process is particular to each woman. Even models with similar measurements do not fit the same looks with the same energy.  I learned that thoroughly during my many years in training as a sittings editor on fashion shoots with models and celebrities.

  • How can I perfect my daily uniform to create a signature? 

    The holy grail!  We will visualize your future self and set intentions though conscious, thoughtful choices.  We will respect your strengths and gifts, while inviting flexibility and open-mindedness, so that your uniform evolves with you.

  • What are my most important investment pieces? 

    Great investments impart freedom.  They streamline your habits as the cornerstones of your routine. Together we will focus on priorities, carefully checking them off while building closet equity with a plan. Tailoring, organization, a sophisticated approach that works for you, and artful mixing for your body type — these are priceless tricks of the trade that I will teach you.

  • Why did you change from editorial stylist to personal stylist? 

    In magazines and retail, there is a subtle degree of manipulation in the name of marketing. It may be well intentioned, but it’s there. The switch to a private client base happened by chance, when I offered my services for a charity silent auction. I have an altruistic motivation to work purely on behalf of women and men without hype, to promote expansion and well-being.   Personal styling is the perfect blend of high fashion meets healing arts.

  • Can you help with store discounts? 

    Discounts are a lovely benefit and do happen on a case by case basis, especially with advance orders.  Making smart, targeted purchases is the key to managing your clothing budget and I will get you on a wise plan that will be easy to execute.

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Email me to set up a free 20 min consultation, I’d love to talk to you

Email me to set up a free 20 min consultation, I’d love to talk to you  

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I am larger, better than I thought.  I did not know I held so much greatness.
— Walt Whitman