This entire process is vitally important, allowing me to remember to only choose things I LOVE. I feel the outdated stories attached to what I am letting go of leave me. Grateful for each, I am allowing the emotions to come up, and then disappear. Overall, a very cathartic experience and so freeing!
— G.L., NYC
How lucky am I to have this incredibly talented woman curate my closet?! Lisa is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does you end up feeling as if you’ve been to fashion school and the ashram at the same time. My closet underwent a deep cleanse, in which she gently nudged me to kill some of my darlings, making space for a new phase of life. Thank you Lisa for guiding me to do this, you are magical!
— E.N.F., NJ
Lisa is patient and perceptive; she leads by graceful example and lucid explanation. Working with Lisa, I found myself becoming ever-more attuned to details—she is conceptually and visually focused. She taught me the values of clear and open communication, impeccable organization, and the necessity of working with a well-defined goal in mind. Lisa navigates relationships with clients and co-collaborators with a warm yet professional poise. A supportive mentor and thoughtful leader, Lisa encourages powerful personal growth.
— E.B., NYC
I LOVE the soul and depth that you have very rightly given your work.   You have just the right balance of style and spiritual.
— R.R., Charlotte, NC.
Lisa von Weise’s name was brought up to me; she is a stylist at Vogue. We met and I just liked her vibe! She got me right away, and I TRUST her. We’ve been working together for nine years. I’ve discovered clothing and brands previously outside my comfort zone and she’s definitely made me look—and feel—much better.
— P.D.M, NYC
I love what I wore to Vanity Fair’s Oscar party, and felt like a star....thanks to you!
— P.D., NYC
I’m very impressed with Lisa’s advisory talent. We have seen a lot of stylists in action with and without their clients and you are the best I have experienced. Brava.
— C.C., NYC
It’s really fun and eye opening working with you. And, you’re very patient and kind, to boot!
— C.M., NYC