Rates + Process



CREATIVE CLOSET EDIT — an exciting and playful experience to edit, invigorate, and organize your closet while targeting meaningful acquisitions you that bring you JOY

+ closet inventory and sacred space clearing to spark joy with a seasoned pro — editing, organization, styling—you will know what to sell, and what to keep as we focus on streamlined reduction and increased creativity—no more costly mistakes

+ step by step tutoring on styling techniques, beauty, health and wellness for a mind-body connection to radiance as we troubleshoot pain points, fit analysis, and tailoring solutions for the best possible decisions going forward to enhance your becoming

+ photography of fully styled and accessorized looks printable for easy reference + visual research and contextualization to follow up our session

Rate:  $325/hour or negotiable flat rate complimentary initial consultation included



ONLINE SHOPPING CURATION — inspired, in-depth professional grade research crafted for ease, convenience and inspiration to hone your personal style

+ take advantage of my research to discover emerging designers for a high-low mix with modern ease, style, grace, and economy using insider methods, carefully selected to highlight your strengths for eye-opening experimentation, and luxurious support your can trust on every level

+ easy to follow links for purchase or simply to study for consideration for upcoming events or life changes with budgetary respect that includes all price points for comparison and deep learning to empower your decision making

Rate: $325/hour or negotiable flat rate complimentary initial consultation for fact gathering and follow up included

@christinajuarezandco @housebeautiful

@christinajuarezandco @housebeautiful


NYC SHOPPING TOUR enriching, informative, expansive, glamorous—This experience will induce wholehearted enthusiasm for life and all it has to offer

+ head to toe styling while in store for a clear, complete, inspired and intentional vision and VIP treatment at boutiques, multi-brand stores and select private, designer showrooms—I handle the sales team for excellent, flawless service

+ efficiency — I do the heavy lifting and strategizing for a well planned itinerary tailored for flow, ease, thrill; you arrive with a clear head for a quick try with zero pressure to buy + option for unique service where I fill a private room, styled with your sizes and preferences waiting for you to try on — if you decide to buy (or not) all is sent directly for delivery

+ thorough research and communication through every step to ensure clarity and creativity + instruction on smart, focused purchases to manage your budget wisely

Rates:  $325/hour or negotiable flat rate initial consultation, printable photography for easy reference, and follow up all included



SEASONAL CLOSET REVIEW — for ongoing dedication to all your wardrobe needs and personal style evolution

Rate:  negotiable seasonal retainer for full service including all of the above, with ongoing engagement and regular check ins and updates




I show busy, high-profile professionals struggling with time and clarity around their wardrobe how to be efficient, feel confident, and live authentically. I guide participants through experimentation and discussion in an environment safe for exploration. Expect wisdom, honesty, well-researched insight, engaging visuals and open dialogue to actively support your goal of excellence.   Results include an amplified feeling of elevation, a burst of energy, and a keen awareness of enlarged possibilities.  Very few realize what power sincerity carries, and individuality is something to which everyone aspires.  I gladly share my knowledge, and vast experience at the top end of the market, of how to create a unique expression that will open doors for you. 

Rate: negotiable flat fee