Rates + process

Option 1:  CREATIVE CLOSET EDIT -- an exciting and playful experience to edit, invigorate, and organize your closet while targeting meaningful acquisitions you that bring you JOY

  • closet inventory and sacred space clearing (spark joy!) with a seasoned pro — editing, organization, styling

  • clear dense energy and renew your dressing space for clear, vibrant, vital energy flow

  • empowered information that will help you make the best possible decisions going forward and enhance your becoming

  • troubleshoot pain points, fit analysis and tailoring solutions

  • what to sell, what to keep so only intentional objects remain

  • direction for your overall budget with a focus on streamlined reduction and increased creativity -- no more costly mistakes

  • step by step tutoring on styling techniques, beauty, health and wellness for a mind-body connection to radiance

  • style strategy and template going forward to inform future purchases

  • photography of fully styled and accessorized looks printable for easy reference

  • visual research and contextualization to follow up our session

  • packing and shopping targets for upcoming travel

Rate:  $325/hour Travel rate outside of NYC is $375/hour + prorated travel expenses

Option 2: ONLINE SHOPPING CURATION — inspired, in-depth professional grade research crafted for ease, convenience and inspiration for a passionate at home education in personal style

  • powerfully focused research that creates a connection to your unique beauty and essence

  • easy to follow links for purchase or simply to study for consideration for upcoming events or life changes

  • discovery of new designers, resources and methods, carefully selected to highlight your strengths

  • exciting experimentation with new shapes and direction — without risk

  • open, free flowing discussion at your convenience to cover every aspect of fashion, beauty and wellness

  • luxurious support your can trust on every level

  • real-time commitment that will hone your personal style

  • deep learning that will empower your decision making

  • budgetary respect that includes all price points for comparison

  • emphasis on high-low mix for modern ease, style, grace, and economy

  • complimentary initial consultation for fact gathering and focus

  • relevant follow up included

Rate: $325/hour or negotiable flat rate

Option 3: NYC SHOPPING TOUR -- enriching, informative, expansive, glamorous! This experience will induce wholehearted enthusiasm for life and all it has to offer.

  • head to toe styling while in store for a clear, complete, inspired and intentional vision

  • VIP treatment at boutiques, multi-brand stores and private showrooms -- I handle the sales team for excellent, flawless service

  • option for unique service where I fill a private room, styled with your sizes and preferences waiting for you to try on — if you decide to buy (or not) all is sent directly for delivery

  • select private designer showrooms visits for pre-season orders

  • efficiency — I do the heavy lifting and strategizing; you arrive with a clear head for a quick try with zero pressure to buy!

  • a well planned itinerary tailored for flow, ease, thrill and efficiency

  • thorough research and communication through every step to ensure clarity and creativity

  • instruction on smart, focused purchases to manage your budget wisely

  • a styling plan that is easy to execute -- and fun to wear

  • no returns from online shopping

  • detailed, personalized follow-up

  • photography for easy reference

Rates:  $325/hour Travel rate outside of NYC is $375/hour + prorated travel expenses

Option 4: SEASONAL CLOSET REVIEW - for ongoing dedication to all your wardrobe needs and personal style evolution

  • a mental and physical edit encouraging transformation and personal growth to gently nudge you into your greatest expression

  • review and discussion of style goals....where you would like to take your collection ideally

  • contemplation of a historical north star that reflects your desired trajectory

  • direction for your overall budget with a focus on clutter reduction, increased creativity and joy

  • advance planning, shopping, and fittings for special events, black tie, red carpet, and professional commitments

  • travel packing including photography for easy reference

  • social media styling and planning

  • production, styling and arrangement of photo shoots

Rates:  negotiable retainer for full service, ongoing engagement with regular check ins and updates