Photo by Theodoros Chliapas

Photo by Theodoros Chliapas

“A blend of empathy, intellect, and sharp curiosity, von Weise’s unflappable voice has the soothing effect of an NPR host—an antidote to the sometimes-grating and intimidating world of fashion.”

— Andrew Bevan


I have a unique perspective on the fashion industry as well as a powerful sense of how personal style infused with intention positively impacts life.   My career commenced as Bruce Springsteen's personal stylist in the early nineties before moving to Paris as Fashion Editor at Air France Madame (a division of French Vogue) in 2001.  Returning to New York in 2003, I expanded my reach as a Contributing Fashion Editor at American Vogue, Vanity Fair, T, Muse and Interview Magazines.  I have styled shoots and events for actors including Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie, Zoe Saldano, Penelope Cruz, Paula Patton, Winona Ryder, Julia Roberts, and Michael C. Hall, plus numerous media and entertainment entrepreneurs, authors, social luminaries, and CEO's.

Personal Stylist |  Private Clients | New York, NY |  1993 - current

Fashion Stylist | Vogue, Vanity Fair, T Mag, Muse, Interview |  New York, NY|  1994 - 2014

Fashion Sittings Editor | Air France Madame |  Paris, France |  2001 - 2003

Fashion Retail Editor | ELLE Magazine |  New York, NY | 1990 - 1992

On PERSONAL STYLE, identity and relationship

The point is not to seduce another person, but to add light to the world in the form of beauty and pleasure. The meaning in things is how much we use them to contribute happiness to the world.  Clothes and other personal effects are no different than any other art form.  If we perceive them lovingly they can lift the vibrations and increase the energy in the world around us....And the highest identity is our relationship with others.  A life lived for oneself alone is not liberation, but merely another form of bondage.

-Marianne Williamson


Rates + process

Option 1:  CREATIVE CLOSET EDIT -- an exciting and playful experience to edit, invigorate, and organize your closet while targeting meaningful acquisitions you that bring you JOY

  • closet inventory and sacred space clearing (spark joy!) with a seasoned pro — editing, organization, styling

  • clear dense energy and renew your dressing space for clear, vibrant, vital energy flow

  • empowered information that will help you make the best possible decisions going forward and enhance your becoming

  • troubleshoot pain points, fit analysis and tailoring solutions

  • what to sell, what to keep so only intentional objects remain

  • direction for your overall budget with a focus on streamlined reduction and increased creativity -- no more costly mistakes

  • step by step tutoring on styling techniques, beauty, health and wellness for a mind-body connection to radiance

  • style strategy and template going forward to inform future purchases

  • photography of fully styled and accessorized looks printable for easy reference

  • visual research and contextualization to follow up our session

  • packing and shopping targets for upcoming travel

Rate:  $325/hour Travel rate outside of NYC is $375/hour + prorated travel expenses

Option 2: ONLINE SHOPPING CURATION — inspired, in-depth professional grade research crafted for ease, convenience and inspiration for a passionate at home education in personal style

  • powerfully focused research that creates a connection to your unique beauty and essence

  • easy to follow links for purchase or simply to study for consideration for upcoming events or life changes

  • discovery of new designers, resources and methods, carefully selected to highlight your strengths

  • exciting experimentation with new shapes and direction — without risk

  • open, free flowing discussion at your convenience to cover every aspect of fashion, beauty and wellness

  • luxurious support your can trust on every level

  • real-time commitment that will hone your personal style

  • deep learning that will empower your decision making

  • budgetary respect that includes all price points for comparison

  • emphasis on high-low mix for modern ease, style, grace, and economy

  • complimentary initial consultation for fact gathering and focus

  • relevant follow up included

Rate: $325/hour or negotiable flat rate

Option 3: NYC SHOPPING TOUR -- enriching, informative, expansive, glamorous! This experience will induce wholehearted enthusiasm for life and all it has to offer.

  • head to toe styling while in store for a clear, complete, inspired and intentional vision

  • VIP treatment at boutiques, multi-brand stores and private showrooms -- I handle the sales team for excellent, flawless service

  • option for unique service where I fill a private room, styled with your sizes and preferences waiting for you to try on — if you decide to buy (or not) all is sent directly for delivery

  • select private designer showrooms visits for pre-season orders

  • efficiency — I do the heavy lifting and strategizing; you arrive with a clear head for a quick try with zero pressure to buy!

  • a well planned itinerary tailored for flow, ease, thrill and efficiency

  • thorough research and communication through every step to ensure clarity and creativity

  • instruction on smart, focused purchases to manage your budget wisely

  • a styling plan that is easy to execute -- and fun to wear

  • no returns from online shopping

  • detailed, personalized follow-up

  • photography for easy reference

Rates:  $325/hour Travel rate outside of NYC is $375/hour + prorated travel expenses

Option 4: SEASONAL CLOSET REVIEW - for ongoing dedication to all your wardrobe needs and personal style evolution

  • a mental and physical edit encouraging transformation and personal growth to gently nudge you into your greatest expression

  • review and discussion of style goals....where you would like to take your collection ideally

  • contemplation of a historical north star that reflects your desired trajectory

  • direction for your overall budget with a focus on clutter reduction, increased creativity and joy

  • advance planning, shopping, and fittings for special events, black tie, red carpet, and professional commitments

  • travel packing including photography for easy reference

  • social media styling and planning

  • production, styling and arrangement of photo shoots

Rates:  negotiable retainer for full service, ongoing engagement with regular check ins and updates

Ask me anything

Ask me anything

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I develop my personal aesthetic to be satisfying, impressive and lasting?  I will address the two active levels of presentation — your unique unchanging base, and your living response to all that is in flux. Crafting messages that match your dominant values clarify communication.  We will propel a meaningful message that is effective and distinguished.

  • How will you help me develop my personal style? I will present you with well-researched options that resonate with your energy and expression. We will combine the best elements of fashion and style with an independent spirit to define your aesthetic. We can never have enough focus on what is gorgeous in each of us; I will highlight it with inventive flair.

  • How do fashion editors develop their daily uniforms with aesthetic integrity?  I get asked this question a lot and it's no wonder...we all agree -- a well dressed woman (or man) is a miracle to behold.  Attention to detail, aligned decision making and education is the answer.

  • Do you have a set formula?  Each and everyone woman is a unique entity unto herself. There is no set formula out of respect for different body types, personalities, needs, goals and desires.  Every element is honored to spark joy! My process is particular to each woman---even models with similar measurements do not fit into the same looks with the same energy.  I learned that thoroughly during my many years in training as a sittings editor on fashion shoots.

  • How can I literally become effortless in my approach to dressing?   Clients often struggle more with looking effortless on a daily basis than with finding drop-dead special occasion garb. In the evening, there is great lighting, there are heels, hair and makeup, and great props. Finding something that works and is more toned down is a bigger challenge.  Together, we will develop your inherent taste and style to the point that it becomes "effortless".   Finding your best cut, color, fabrication, and message, with only minor seasonal tweaks, is our very reachable goal.

  • How can I perfect my daily uniform to create a signature?  The holy grail!  We will visualize your future self and set intentions though conscious, thoughtful choices.  We will respect your strengths and gifts, while inviting flexibility and open-mindedness, so that your uniform evolves with you. You will recognize your divine spark!

  • What are my most important investment pieces?  Great investments impart freedom.  They streamline your habits as the cornerstones of your routine. Together we will focus on priorities, carefully checking them off while building closet equity with a plan.

  • How can I think like a stylist to optimize my budget?  Stylists formulate a plan to navigate change, creating wardrobe assets by discovering/uncovering authenticity for themselves.  We will map out a plan for you while addressing practical tools -- tailoring, organization, a sophisticated approach that works for you, and artful mixing for your body type.   These are priceless tricks of the trade that I will teach you.

  • How can I best work with what I have? Tailoring your well-made acquisitions is a favorite tactic to reinvent what you already own, which is less expensive and more sustainable than buying everything new. Targeting missing links will make your investment pieces modern and more wearable throughout seasonal changes.

  • Why did you change from editorial stylist to personal stylist? With magazines and retail, there is a subtle degree of manipulation. It may be well intentioned, but it’s there. The switch to a private client base happened by chance, when I offered my services for a charity silent auction. I have an altruistic motivation to work purely on behalf of women and men without hype, to promote expansion and well-being.   Personal styling is the perfect blend of high fashion meets healing arts.

  • Will I become dependant on you?   I’ve had people say you have to make it so your client can’t live without you, it’s better for your business. That’s not what it’s about for me. It’s about teaching and letting you go off on your own to feel fantastic and manage and not be frustrated. In the end clients keep coming back because they do feel good.

  • Would an unlimited budget make it easier? There are a few clients where money is no object.  Regardless, everyone wants to feel like they spent wisely! No one wants to have buyer’s remorse. 

  • Do you receive commissions on my purchases?  I am here to support my clients and my allegiance is to her/him alone. I do thorough research covering all price points + detailed follow-up suggestions are complementary for clients, but the suggestions I make are always tailored to your specific needs regardless of the source.  That said, occasionally I am offered a small commision by platforms or designers as a thank you.

  • Can you help with store discounts?  Discounts are a lovely benefit and do happen on a case by case basis, especially with advance orders.  Making smart, targeted purchases is the key to managing your clothing budget and I will get you on a wise plan that will be easy to execute.

Ask me a question!