Lisa von Weise Personal Stylist

It's essential to liberate your full, natural expression to reach your radiant potential. You can instantly tell when someone is in touch with their true voice and essential nature.  When they enter the room, there is an electricity in the air. You feel touched, moved and inspired by them.  

You might want to befriend them or partner with them or enroll in their next workshop. The sense of groundedness, confidence and clarity they exude encourages trust and a desire for connection. This happens because their outward appearance is literally an expression of their soul, a ready instrument for authenticity, powerfully magnetic and attractive. 

In our group session we will cover: 

*how to do a  mental and physical edit encouraging transformation and personal growth

*review and discussion of various style goals....where you would like to take your collection ideally

*contemplation of a historical north star that reflects your desired trajectory — identity is a choice

*direction for your overall budget with a focus on streamlined focus and increased creativity

*advance planning and shopping techniques for special events, black tie, red carpet, and professional commitments

*travel packing solutions that work at home as well

*social media styling and planning so every shot radiates confidence, ease and joy

Rate: $325/hour or negotiable flat fee