Photo by Theodoros Chliapas

Photo by Theodoros Chliapas

“A blend of empathy, intellect, and sharp curiosity, von Weise’s unflappable voice has the soothing effect of an NPR host—an antidote to the sometimes-grating and intimidating world of fashion.”

— Andrew Bevan


I have a unique perspective on the fashion industry as well as a powerful sense of how personal style infused with intention positively impacts life.   My career commenced as Bruce Springsteen's personal stylist in the early nineties before moving to Paris as Fashion Editor at Air France Madame (a division of French Vogue) in 2001.  Returning to New York in 2003, I expanded my reach as a Contributing Fashion Editor at American Vogue, Vanity Fair, T, Muse and Interview Magazines.  I have styled shoots and events for actors including Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie, Zoe Saldano, Penelope Cruz, Paula Patton, Winona Ryder, Julia Roberts, and Michael C. Hall, plus numerous media and entertainment entrepreneurs, authors, social luminaries, and CEO's.

Personal Stylist |  Private Clients | New York, NY |  1993 - current

Fashion Stylist | Vogue, Vanity Fair, T Mag, Muse, Interview |  New York, NY|  1994 - 2014

Fashion Sittings Editor | Air France Madame |  Paris, France |  2001 - 2003

Fashion Retail Editor | ELLE Magazine |  New York, NY | 1990 - 1992

On PERSONAL STYLE, identity and relationship

The point is not to seduce another person, but to add light to the world in the form of beauty and pleasure. The meaning in things is how much we use them to contribute happiness to the world.  Clothes and other personal effects are no different than any other art form.  If we perceive them lovingly they can lift the vibrations and increase the energy in the world around us....And the highest identity is our relationship with others.  A life lived for oneself alone is not liberation, but merely another form of bondage.

-Marianne Williamson