group seminars

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
—  George Bernard Shaw

It's essential to liberate your full, natural expression to reach your radiant potential. You can instantly tell when someone is in touch with their true voice and essential nature. When they enter the room, there is an electricity in the air. You feel touched, moved and inspired by them.  

You might want to befriend them or partner with them or enroll in their next workshop. The sense of groundedness, confidence and clarity they exude encourages trust and a desire for connection. This happens because their outward appearance is literally an expression of their soul, a ready instrument for authenticity, powerfully magnetic and attractive. 

I show busy, high-profile professionals struggling with time and clarity around their wardrobe how to be efficient, feel confident, and live authentically. I guide participants through experimentation and discussion in an environment safe for exploration. Expect wisdom, honesty, well-researched insight, engaging visuals and open dialogue to actively support your goal of excellence.   Results include an amplified feeling of elevation, a burst of energy, and a keen awareness of enlarged possibilities.  Very few realize what power sincerity carries, and individuality is something to which everyone aspires.  I gladly share my knowledge, and vast experience at the top end of the market, of how to create a unique expression that will open doors for you. 

Rate: negotiable flat fee