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Option 1:  CREATIVE CLOSET EDIT -- an exciting and playful experience to edit, invigorate, and organize your closet while targeting meaningful acquisitions you that bring you JOY

  • closet inventory and sacred space clearing (spark joy!) with a seasoned pro — editing, organization, styling

  • clear dense energy and renew your dressing space for clear, vibrant, vital energy flow

  • empowered information that will help you make the best possible decisions going forward and enhance your becoming

  • troubleshoot pain points, fit analysis and tailoring solutions

  • what to sell, what to keep so only intentional objects remain

  • direction for your overall budget with a focus on streamlined reduction and increased creativity -- no more costly mistakes

  • step by step tutoring on styling techniques, beauty, health and wellness for a mind-body connection to radiance

  • style strategy and template going forward to inform future purchases

  • photography of fully styled and accessorized looks printable for easy reference

  • visual research and contextualization to follow up our session

  • packing and shopping targets for upcoming travel

Rate:  $325/hour Travel rate outside of NYC is $375/hour + prorated travel expenses